Code Confidence unveils kernel-aware debugging tools for eCos developers

February 10, 2010 -- CAMBRIDGE, UK -- Code Confidence Ltd, the embedded software tooling specialists, today unveiled kernel-aware debugging capabilities within the latest revision of the Code Confidence Tools for eCos.

Based on the award-winning Eclipse™ Platform and C/C++ Development Tooling (CDT), the Code Confidence™ Tools provide a fully-integrated development environment for application developers working with the eCos® real-time operating system.

The new features enable developers to review eCos thread status and system-level events using advanced user interface components which simplify and accelerate eCos application debugging.

"Our kernel-aware debug views release the potential of existing eCos run-time debugging features to deliver a powerful debugging experience" explained John Dallaway, Director at Code Confidence. "Developers can now observe the interactions between their application code and the operating system with unprecedented clarity."

Other product features include:

  • Simplified eCos project creation using software wizards
  • An advanced eCos configuration editor for rapid comprehension and customisation of operating system features
  • Full integration with the CDT source code editor including syntax highlighting, content assistance and navigation of both eCos and application source code
  • An optimised eCos build system with robust file dependency analysis
  • A remote debugging launcher for application download and debugging on embedded hardware
  • All necessary GNU toolchain components - built for high performance (Cygwin not required)

The Code Confidence Tools for eCos are available on both Windows and Linux development hosts. For further details, visit the Code Confidence website:


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