Introductory training course for eCos

In a competitive industry, time-to-market is critical. Our introductory training course brings your embedded engineering team up to full productivity with eCos® application development in the shortest practical timeframe. Training is delivered worldwide, on-site and over multiple days to suit your own project schedules. We mix essential theory with practical demonstrations and hands-on exercises to reinforce key facts. Course customisation options ensure that your training needs are met precisely. Realise overall savings in both time and costs with Code Confidence™ training.

Course modules

  • Configuration
    eCos host tools, templates, packages, options, conflicts and inference
  • Building
    GCC, makefiles, eCos libraries and application build options
  • Debugging
    GDB, remote stubs, JTAG/BDM, assertions and tracing
  • Code Confidence Tools
    Introduction and familiarisation
  • Kernel features
    Threads, schedulers, timers, synchronisation, interrupts and exceptions
  • System libraries
    ISO C library, POSIX, uSTL, file systems, networking and more
  • RedBoot™
    Flash image system, downloads and boot scripting
  • Package authoring
    eCos package anatomy, CDL scripting and distribution
  • Device drivers
    I/O infrastructure, ISRs and DSRs

Further details

For an informal review of your training requirements without obligation, please contact us.


2023-11-24 : Code Confidence Tools for FreeRTOS updated for Eclipse 2023-09 IDE. More…
2023-11-19 : Code Confidence Tools for eCos updated for Eclipse 2023-09 IDE. More…
2015-10-02 : Hard fault exception decoding added to Code Confidence Tools for FreeRTOS. More…
2012-11-19 : Lauterbach TRACE32 PowerTools validation with Code Confidence Tools for eCos. More…