Code Confidence consulting services for Eclipse/CDT

The Eclipse development platform is a remarkable success story. It enables commercial participation in a pervasive software development ecosystem which offers the high level of integration that engineers demand while allowing individual tools to exhibit a strong brand identity. The Eclipse IDE has been adopted by semiconductor manufacturers, board vendors, debugging specialists and many others within the embedded systems sector who recognise the value of Eclipse compatibility.

Code Confidence™ has substantial real-world experience in the generation, customisation and productisation of Eclipse-based development tools and offers this experience in the form of our Eclipse consulting services. We work at all levels, ranging from non-technical presentations of Eclipse through to a comprehensive Eclipse plugin development service. Our expertise is centered around the C/C++ Development Tooling (CDT) and GNU toolchain components.

Core development competences

  • Eclipse Project Wizards - simplified CDT project creation for a specific hardware target, RTOS or toolchain
  • Eclipse Editors - presentation and manipulation of configuration files, linker scripts and other project content
  • Eclipse Builders - manipulation of project files as an integral part of a project build with full dependency analysis
  • Eclipse Debuggers - customised GDB integration based on DSF, including JTAG/SWD/BDM hardware support and thread-aware debugging using ThreadSpy™ technology
  • Eclipse Views - novel or enhanced presentation of embedded target state including peripheral registers, framebuffers and RTOS kernel objects
  • Eclipse Navigators - extended presentation of project state within the Project Explorer or other navigators
  • Eclipse Code Analysis - enhanced static analysis of C/C++ source code using Codan checkers and quick fix extensions
  • Eclipse Software Sites - electronic delivery of tools for installation from within the Eclipse workbench

Code Confidence can optionally package Eclipse, CDT and additional plugins within a self-contained installer suitable for bundling with hardware or downloading from a product support site.

Further details

For an informal discussion of your consulting requirements without obligation, please contact us.


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2015-10-02 : Hard fault exception decoding added to Code Confidence Tools for FreeRTOS. More…
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