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Test cases

Currently only one test program is provided which uses SNMP.

"snmpping" in the SNMP agent package runs the ping test from the TCPIP package, with the snmpd running also. This allows you to interrogate it using host tools of your choice. It supports MIBs as documented above, so eg. snmpwalk <hostname> public dot3 under Linux/UNIX should have the desired effect.

For serious testing, you should increase the length of time the test runs by setting CYGNUM_SNMPAGENT_TESTS_ITERATIONS to something big (e.g., 999999). Build the test (make -C net/snmp/agent/current tests) and run it on the target.

Then start several jobs, some for pinging the board (to make the stats change) and some for interrogating the snmpd. Set $IP to whatever IP address the board has:

# in a root shell, for flood ping
ping -f -c 3001 $IP
sleep 5
ping -c 32 -s 2345 $IP
# have more than one of these going at once
setenv MIBS all
while (1)
snmpwalk -OS $IP  public

Leave to run for a couple of days or so to test stability.

The test program can also test snmpd.conf support. It tries to build a minimal snmpd.conf file on a RAM filesystem and passes it to the snmp sub-system. With this profile on target, the following snmp[cmd] (cmd=walk, get, set) should work :

snmp[cmd] -v1 $IP crux $OID
snmp[cmd] -v2 $IP crux $OID
snmp[cmd] -v3 $IP -u root -L noAuthNoPriv $OID
snmp[cmd] -v3 $IP -u root -L authNoPriv -A MD5 -a md5passwd $OID

The following commands would however fail since they violate the access model :

snmp[cmd] $IP public $OID
snmp[cmd] -v1 $IP public $OID
snmp[cmd] -v2c $IP public $OID
snmp[cmd] -v3 $IP -u no_user -L noAuthNoPriv $OID
snmp[cmd] -v3 $IP -u root -L authNoPriv -A MD5 -a badpasswd $OID