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SNMP clients and package use

SNMP clients may use these packages, but this usage is currently untested: the reason why this port to eCos exists is to acquire the SNMP agent. The fact that that the SNMP API (for clients) exists is a side-effect. See the standard man page SNMP_API(3) for details. There are further caveats below about client-side use of the SNMP library.

All of the SNMP header files are installed beneath .../include/ucd-snmp in the install tree. The SNMP code itself assumes that directory is on its include path, so we recommend that client code does the same. Further, like the TCP/IP stack, compiling SNMP code requires definition of _KERNEL and __ECOS, and additionally IN_UCD_SNMP_SOURCE.

Therefore, add all of these to your compile lines if you wish to include SNMP header files: