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Install Tree

The install tree is the location for all files needed for application development. The libtarget.a library, which contains the custom-built eCos kernel and other components, is placed in the install tree, along with all packages’ public header files. If you build the tests, the test executable programs will also be placed in the install tree.

By default, the install tree is created by ecosconfig in a subdirectory of the build tree called install. This can be modified with the --prefix option.


The install tree is where the custom-built libtarget.a library, which contains the eCos kernel and other components, is located. The install tree is also the location for all the header files that are part of a published interface for their component.

How is it modified?

Recompiling can replace libtarget.a and the test executables.

When is it edited manually?

Where a memory layout requires modification without use of the eCos Configuration Tool, the memory layout files must be edited directly in the install tree. These files are located at install/include/pkgconf/mlt_*.*. Note that subsequent modification of the install tree using the Configuration Tool will result in such manual edits being lost.

User applications

User application source or binary code should not go in the install tree.

Examples of files in this hierarchy


The library containing the kernel and other components.


The header file for the kernel C language API.


The linker script fragment describing the memory layout for linking applications intended for execution on an ARM PID development board using RAM startup.


The C library header file for standard I/O.