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TWR-K70F120M Development kit


CYGPKG_HAL_CORTEXM_KINETIS_TWR_K70F120M -- eCos Support for Freescale TWR-K70F120M development kit


The Freescale TWR-K70F120M is a development kit for Freescale Kinetis Cortex-M4 based micro-controllers. It covers K70, K60, K10 and K20 microcontroller subfamilies. K70FN1M0 is a high end member comprising on-chip 1 MiB FLASH and 128 KiB SRAM memory as well as a 16 KiB unified cache. K70 parts are equipped with a rich set of communication interfaces including Ethernet USB, UARTs CAN, SPI and I2C. They also have a Graphics controller and a DMA controller, as well as FlexBus and SDRAM external memory interfaces. They are mixed signal devices featuring a 16 bit ADC and a 12 bit DAC.


Hardware Setup

TWR-K70F120M setup

Factory jumper settings on TWR-K70F120M are fitted for standalone operation of the board. In order to use it with the Ethernet PHY from TWR-SER, some jumpers have to be changed on both TWR-K70F120M and TWR-SER. Jumper settings for TWR-SER are given in TWR-K60N512 Configuration and here are the TWR-K70F120M settings.

Table 1. TWR-K70F120M Jumper setting

J19OFFOn board 50MHz oscillator is not powered

eCos Configuration


The TWR-K70F120M package defines requirements for the platform clocking.


The K70 has two 64 KiB SRAM banks giving a total of 128KiB on chip SRAM. In addition, on-board there is 128 MiB of external RAM (SDRAM) and 256 MiB of NAND Flash. External RAM is divided in two regions:


Regular RAM.


Non cached RAM. This region contains .noncache section.

Memory layouts

Additional platform memory layouts follow the variant ones only by putting all RAM sections except .sram in the ram region. The linker file names incorporate the segment _extram_.

Linker Script Location

Linker scripts are found at: hal/kinetis/twr-k70f120m/<version>/include/pkgconf

Linker Script Naming

Linker script file names have following form: mlt_kinetis_<NVM>_<SRAM>_<STARTUP_extram.ldi where PLF is an optional extension for platform specific scripts and other segments have meaning as described here.

Startup types

The platform startup CYG_HAL_STARTUP_PLF offers the following startups:

ROM (Platform)

Normal startup for stand-alone operation. The eCos image has to be flashed in internal flash. External RAM is used as main memory.

Note: This startup has a name like the one in the variant but generates different images by invoking a different set of linker scripts.

RAM (Platform)

The image is loaded in external RAM by means of RedBoot.


Activates the variant startup types.