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TWR-K60F120M Development kit


CYGPKG_HAL_CORTEXM_KINETIS_TWR_K60F120M -- eCos Support for Freescale TWR-K60F120M development kit


The Freescale TWR-K60F120M is a development kit for Freescale Kinetis Cortex-M4 based micro-controllers. It covers the K60 microcontroller subfamily. K60FN1M0 is a high end member comprising on-chip 1 MiB FLASH and 128 KiB SRAM memory as well as a 16 KiB unified cache. K60 parts are equipped with a rich set of communication interfaces including Ethernet USB, UARTs CAN, SPI and I2C. They also have a Graphics controller and a DMA controller, as well as FlexBus and SDRAM external memory interfaces. They are mixed signal devices featuring a 16 bit ADC and a 12 bit DAC.


Hardware Setup

TWR-K60F120M setup

Factory jumper settings on TWR-K60F120M are fitted for standalone operation of the board. In order to use it with the Ethernet PHY from TWR-SER, some jumpers have to be changed on both TWR-K60F120M and TWR-SER. Jumper settings for TWR-SER are given in TWR-K60N512 Configuration and here are the TWR-K60F120M settings.

Table 1. TWR-K60F120M Jumper setting

J18ONOn board 50MHz oscillator is disabled
J19ONOn board 50MHz oscillator is powered

eCos Configuration


The TWR-K60F120M package defines requirements for the platform clocking.


The K60 has two 64 KiB SRAM banks giving a total of 128KiB on chip SRAM.