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eCos Support for CAN

The eCos CAN subsystem supports the BasicCAN and FullCAN mode. The architecture and the interface of the eCos CAN driver is quite similar to the eCos serial driver and supports the same interface.

The eCos CAN support for any given platform is spread over a number of different packages:

Typically all appropriate packages will be loaded automatically when you configure eCos for a given platform. If the application does not use any of the CAN I/O facilities, directly or indirectly, then linker garbage collection should eliminate all unnecessary code and data. All necessary initialization should happen automatically. However the exact details may depend on the platform, so the platform HAL documentation should be checked for further details.

There is an important exception to this: if the CAN devices are attached to an expansion connector, such as PCI, then the platform HAL will not know about these devices. Instead the necessary packages will need to be added explicitly during configuration.