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Fujitsu FR-V Design Kit (MB93091-CBxx)


RedBoot supports both serial ports, which are available via the stacked serial connectors on the mother board in the case of the FR400 CPU board, and via serial connectors present on the other supported CPU boards themselves. The topmost port is the default and is considered to be port 0 by RedBoot. The bottommost port is serial port 1. The default serial port settings are 115200,8,N,1. The serial port supports baud rates up to 460800, which can be set using the baud command as described in Chapter 2.

FLASH management is also supported, but only for the FLASH device in IC7. This arrangement allows for IC8 to retain either the original Fujitsu board firmware, or some application specific contents. Two basic RedBoot configurations are supported:

ROMRAM[ROMRAM]RedBoot running from RAM, but contained in the board's flash boot sector.redboot_ROMRAM.ecm
RAM[RAM]RedBoot running from RAM with RedBoot in the flash boot sector.redboot_RAM.ecm

Since the normal RedBoot configuration does not use the FLASH ROM except during startup, it is unnecessary to load a RAM-based RedBoot before reprogramming the FLASH.

Initial Installation Method

RedBoot can be installed by directly programming the FLASH device in IC7 or by using the Fujitsu provided software to download and install a version into the FLASH device. Complete instructions are provided separately.

Special RedBoot Commands

The exec command as described in Chapter 2 is supported by RedBoot on this target, for executing Linux kernels. Only the command line and timeout options are relevant to this platform.

Memory Maps

The memory map of this platform is fixed by the hardware (cannot be changed by software). The only attributes which can be modified are control over cacheability, as noted below.

Address                 Cache?      Resource
00000000-03EFFFFF         Yes       SDRAM (via plugin DIMM)
03F00000-03FFFFFF         No        SDRAM (used for PCI window)
10000000-1FFFFFFF         No        MB86943 PCI bridge
20000000-201FFFFF         No        SRAM
21000000-23FFFFFF         No        Motherboard resources
24000000-25FFFFFF         No        PCI I/O space
26000000-2FFFFFFF         No        PCI Memory space
30000000-FDFFFFFF         ??        Unused
FE000000-FEFFFFFF         No        I/O devices
FF000000-FF1FFFFF         No        IC7 - RedBoot FLASH
FF200000-FF3FFFFF         No        IC8 - unused FLASH
FF400000-FFFFFFFF         No        Misc other I/O

NOTE: The only configuration currently suppored requires a 64MiB SDRAM DIMM to be present on the CPU card. No other memory configuration is supported at this time.

Rebuilding RedBoot

These shell variables provide the platform-specific information needed for building RedBoot according to the procedure described in Chapter 3:

export TARGET=mb93091
export ARCH_DIR=frv
export PLATFORM_DIR=mb93091

The names of configuration files are listed above with the description of the associated modes.

Resource Usage

The RedBoot image occupies flash addresses 0xFF000000 - 0xFF03FFFF. To execute it copies itself out of there to RAM at 0x03E00000. RedBoot reserves memory from 0x00000000 to 0x0001FFFF for its own use. User programs can use memory from 0x00020000 to 0x03DFFFFF. RAM based RedBoot configurations are designed to run from RAM at 0x00020000.