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Installing RedBoot

To install the RedBoot package, follow the procedures detailed in the accompanying README.

Although there are other possible configurations, RedBoot is usually run from the target platform’s flash boot sector or boot ROM, and is designed to run when your system is initially powered on. The method used to install the RedBoot image into non-volatile storage varies from platform to platform. In general, it requires that the image be programmed into flash in situ or programmed into the flash or ROM using a device programmer. In some cases this will be done at manufacturing time; the platform being delivered with RedBoot already in place. In other cases, you will have to program RedBoot into the appropriate device(s) yourself. Installing to flash in situ may require special cabling or interface devices and software provided by the board manufacturer. The details of this installation process for a given platform will be found in Installation and Testing. Once installed, user-specific configuration options may be applied, using the fconfig command, providing that persistent data storage in flash is present in the relevant RedBoot version. See the Section called Configuring the RedBoot Environment for details.